Let’s set a sign together

for us,
for europe,
for the world…

Geographically, Switzerland forms the centre of Europe and, especially in the current exceptional situation, is the focus of all of Europe. We are the only nation in the world that has the chance to set an example. A sign that will go down in the annals of our human history.  
But our democracy is in danger! The upcoming elections, as well as numerous elections before, have been sabotaged. With Wahl-Beobachter.ch we offer today, as well as in the future, the basis of an an independent election observation platform, to restore the
right back to those for whom it was created. We the people. 

To err is human, but to insist on error is diabolical.

(Cicero / Seneca)

It has long since ceased to be about questions such as vaccinated or not. For or against a certificate. It is about acceptance, charity and humanity. If we want to counter the obvious division in our society, then we must recognise together that we are being divided as a nation. Not by vaccine deniers, or vaccine supporters. Not by so-called conspiracy theorists or gullible people who blindly trust the state. These are all empty words, invented by media houses, politicians, pharmaceutical lobbyists and all those who are obviously profiting from this crisis and are interested in promoting precisely this division. Even though this construct may sound absurd at the moment, we don’t have to travel far back in time to see what is happening on our wonderful planet. 

No matter what our political, religious, medical, sexual or other personal views, we must admit that we have all been deceived. But very quickly, disappointment turns to anger, fear, frustration and ultimately hatred. And it is precisely hatred that will inevitably drag our nation and possibly a large part of the human population into the abyss, as has happened in many wars before our time.

But disappointment is in its essence something absolutely positive, because in its core this one word alone means nothing other than:


The end of deception

So it is time to reconcile, to join forces and to break away together as a nation from the shackles that are currently imposed on us and those that threaten us in the future. Brothers and sisters, let us unite. Let us fight together for a future worth living in. For us, for our children, for Europe, for the world.


On the basis of four simple steps, we gain certainty that all future elections and results are legitimate and not subject to manipulation. As a solid foundation, we must detach ourselves from ill will and return to trust and the human right of free will.

In order to be able to use meaningful and tangible measurement tools, we have created a control mechanism on four levels. As already mentioned, this requires trust and your cooperation. Without these components, it is neither possible today nor in the future to be able to present a meaningful and non-manipulated election result. 



Register for free to participate in this project in the future.


Upload ballot paper

You upload your completed ballot paper in encrypted form to our server.


Personal verification

In addition, you verify yourself together with your ballot paper with a photo, as well as your ID.


Evaluation results

We take over the complete evaluation of your inputs and present the results on our platform.


One country, one nation. We are the sovereign and the government is our elected representative.


All rights and duties are subject to human rights. Our work is therefore based on this unchangeable, universal right, which applies to every person in the world without exception.


We must accept all election results that are based on facts, even if these may not currently correspond to our convictions. Only in this way can a democracy function and constructive solutions be implemented.


A self-determined life does not mean being able to do whatever you want, but to become 100% aware of your actions. So let’s get into action and self-determination.


A cornerstone of Swiss culture is mutual respect. This must be cultivated and maintained under all circumstances. This applies in particular to the media and politics, which must subordinate themselves to the sovereign and show us the respect that we as a nation deserve and that is demanded of us at the same time.


We have a strong network of people, associations and organisations who support our wish for a future independent controlling body. The associations & organisations listed below are additionally happy about your membership in order to let our society become a new, contemporary and humanitarian place of peace, acceptance and love.

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